Survival Training Indoors and Outdoors

The Iqaluit Action Lab hosted two survival training activities in November 2017. These training activities provided information about how to survive on the land and ice, and were taught by local hunters and Elders.

First, on Sunday November 12 from 1-4pm, there was an outdoor training session for igloo and fire-starting led by Solomon Awa and Simon Nattaq. Pre-registration was required for this activity and participation was limited to 15 adults.

Second, on Saturday November 18 from 10am-4pm at the Anglican Parish Hall, there was an indoor survival training session focusing on navigation and weather prediction led by Solomon Awa, Simon Nattaq, and Jetaloo Kakkee. This was an interactive training day that took place in Inuktitut with English interpretation by Julia Demcheson. No registration was required for this activity, and everyone was welcome.

Both activities were offered for free because these activities were part of Canada150 celebrations, with funding from the Government of Canada.